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Every client deserves the strongest defense possible. Being convicted of a sex crime can have life-long consequences. Make sure you have serious representation for these serious crimes.

Brainerd Sex Crimes Lawyer

Over 25 Years of Experience in Handling Sex Crime Cases

Chuck Halverson’s knowledge and experience is indispensable when it comes to your defense. Sex crimes mean extremely serious charges and come with very harsh penalties and lifelong consequences. Being accused of a sex crime in Minnesota results in extremely stressful situations and can be very damaging for family, personal, and professional life. Chuck Halverson understands the gravity of these charges when meeting with his Brainerd and Northern Minnesota area sex crimes clients. He is dedicated to putting you at ease while you go through these difficult times.

Did you know?

In Minnesota, there are no specific labels for sex crimes, such as rape. Instead, these behaviors are considered criminal sexual conduct and prosecuted under those terms.

Penalties from a criminal sex crime conviction may include fines, jail or prison time, probation, counseling, and registration as a sex offender. Chuck Halverson has defended a wide variety of sex offenses for over twenty five years and has a wide range of experience with this type of crime.

Some examples of Sex Crimes that Mr. Halverson represents:

  • Child molestation and sex abuse
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography
  • Juvenile sex crime
  • Sex offender registration
  • Sexual battery
  • Child pornography
  • Forcible rape
  • Prostitution or solicitation
  • Statutory rape
  • Indecent exposure / disorderly conduct

What is a Sex Crime?

In Minnesota we have no specific crime labels such as Rape. Sex crimes are crimes involving sexual behavior that typically allege a lack of consent to the conduct between the accused and the alleged victim. Some alleged victims, due to their ages, are determined by law not to have the capacity to consent to sexual behavior. Others fall into categories that the alleged victims ability to consent is compromised due to the nature of the relationship with the accused, the gap between their ages or both.

In Minnesota there are five degrees of sexual behavior that are considered criminal sexual conduct. Those degrees range from the gross misdemeanor to felony charges. Many of the differing criminal sexual conduct provisions provide that a conviction of that provision presumptively exposes that accused to time in prison. Others to long-term probation supervision, requirement of successfully completing a sex offender treatment program, registration and other restrictions. Let Chuck Halverson and his twenty five years of experience with sex crime cases help you through this process.

Types of Sex Crimes

  • Fifth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (Gross Misdemeanor: Jail, Fines, Probation & Treatment)
  • Fourth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct: (Felony: Jail, Fines, Probation & Treatment)
  • Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct: (Felony: Jail, Fines, Probation & Treatment)
  • Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct: (Felony: Prison)
  • First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct: (Felony: Prison)

The Role of Technology in Sex Crimes

DNA can play a significant role in certain sex crime cases. DNA cannot assist in the determination of whether the conduct alleged is consensual, but can determine what and to what extent sexual behavior occurred or didn’t occur and who were the relevant persons involved. The ability to understand how DNA evidence works, how DNA is analyzed in the lab, and what DNA evidence may mean to a jury are skills experienced lawyers handling sex crimes need to possess.

With the expansion of technology and the growth of computers, laptops and hand held computing devices capable of accessing the internet and storing data, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of those devices used to access and store pornographic material, especially child pornography. Having access to experts in the fields of forensic examination of computing devices, and understanding how such imagery is stored and manipulated or how each particular device handles data will impact your case. Chuck Halverson has experience in these cases, and so it is possible for you to have that experience on your side.

Experience you can count on.

Chuck Halverson has experience and expertise on his side when helping his Northern Minnesota and Brainerd area patients confront sex crime charges.

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Sex Offender Registration

In Minnesota, the law requires people convicted of certain offense to register with the state. Most people think of that as sex offender registration, but really it covers more offenses and is called Predatory Offender Registration. If you are charged with an offense that triggers Predatory Offender Registration, and you are not convicted of that offense, but you are convicted of another offense arising out of that complaint, indictment or factual circumstance, you will be required to comply with Predatory Offender Registration. Failure to comply is a new and separate felony level offense that can send you to prison.

Sex crimes are serious charges and those serious charges require serious, experienced representation.

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I had EXCELLENT experience working with Chuck and his staff!! They all went above and beyond my expectations! I would highly recommend his services!!!

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