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DNR and Wildlife Violations

Many people come to northern Minnesota and Brainerd, in particular, to enjoy the great outdoors. But Wildlife law can be complex and confusing, unless you have a highly qualified attorney on your side.

DNR and Wildlife Violations

Get Violations Help in Brainerd and Northern Minnesota

If you live in Minnesota or are here for a visit, and enjoy the great outdoors, you may unknowingly violate an offense investigated or enforced DNR. Unfortunately, many good and honest people have had unpleasant contacts with the DNR. Some of those people have been issued a citation for an offense they may not understand how or why they received the ticket. If you have been issued a citation or ticket, it is a serious matter, as most such offenses are misdemeanor or greater level offenses, and must be dealt with on a timely basis. Failure to take timely action can result in a warrant for your arrest.

Did you know?

Paying a fine on a citation may mean that you plead guilty to the offense, and that can have consequences such as loss of fishing or hunting privleges.

The Fish and Game rules, regulations and statutes are complex, confusing and ever changing. You should know and understand that these DNR charges are Criminal Charges. If only it was as simple as just pleading guilty or paying the ticket. Those actions result in a conviction, and convictions can have unexpected and long-term consequences. In addition to paying your fine, you may have to pay restitution, forfeit property seized by the DNR and lose hunting, fishing, trapping, boating or other privileges for years. The collateral consequences seem to get worse each year, including the loss of fish and game privileges in other states, so a conviction in Minnesota, can cost you the right to hunt, trap other surrounding states and in Canada.

DNR and Wildlife Violation Convictions

Certain conviction have dramatic consequences:

  • A person with two violations within three years forfeits the license for the balance of the hunting trapping or fishing season
  • Knowingly hunting on land posted against hunting can cost one to lose their hunting license for two seasons after the conviction
  • A person who illegally buys or sells wild animals over $300 in value is prohibited from obtaining a hunting or fishing license for three years
  • A hunter of big game is ineligible for a big game license for three years if he is convicted of a gross misdemeanor violation of the big game laws or receives a second conviction of a lesser offense within three years of a previous offense
  • A hunter who is convicted of hunting while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance is not eligible for a hunting license for five years

If you are unsure or if you have questions about the law or your rights, feel were treated improperly or unfairly, consult with an experienced attorney like Chuck Halverson, who has had years of experience dealing with the DNR and representing clients with charges involving hunting, fishing and trapping violations, invasive species, shoreline or other areas under the DNR’s jurisdiction.

Experience you can count on.

It seems as though the laws and the regulations of the DNR are always changing. Make sure that you get the right representation if you find yourself facing a DNR or Wildlife violation or citation. Contact Chuck Halverson today.

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Snowmobile And ATV Restrictions And Violations

There are unique requirements when it comes to riding your snowmobiles or ATVs. There are restrictions about riding on public land or lakes that people may not have been aware of. There are equipment licensing and registration requirements that come along with riding these machines. Also, there are age restrictions concerning certain types of operation. There are differing regulations concerning operation on private property, designated trails, and road ditches, which are considered part of the public roadway, unless a designated trail or trail crossing.

As these machines become more expensive, powerful and sophisticated, so do the consequences of dangers for misuse or perceived misuse. One can be charged for driving offenses on a snowmobile or ATV in a similar manner as being charged for a traffic violation for conduct beyond and including DWI. As the speeds increase, so do the seriousness of the injuries and the criminal consequences. If you have been charged in contact to use of a snowmobiles or ATV consult with an experienced attorney like Chuck Halverson, who has had years of experience and can help you, so you don’t have to fight this alone. Serious machines can lead to serious charges, which demands serious representation.

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