As an experienced and respected criminal defense attorney, Chuck Halverson is there to make sure you've got someone in your corner.

Defending Clients

As a Criminal Law Attorney, Mr. Halverson has experience and expertise defending his clients. Hiring the right criminal lawyer is critical. Chuck Halverson is the right choice.



With over 25 years of experience in the courtroom, you can have the confidence that Chuck Halverson will work with determination and integrity to pursue justice on your behalf.



Chuck prides himself on a supportive relationship with each client. While he is invested in protecting your rights, you will be given an honest assessment of the facts of your case



As a criminal defense attorney, Chuck Halverson has negotiated hundreds of plea agreements, has a notable record of dismissals and along with a successful track record of outcomes at trial.


Practice Areas

DUI/DWI Murder/Homicide
Drug Charges Assault/Violent Crimes
Sex Crimes Traffic Violations
Theft/Fraud Probation Violations


A common charge not only around Brainerd, DWI or DUI can impact your life in a negative way if not handled properly. Convictions can mean the loss of employment as well as the loss of the privledge to drive. As a criminal defense attorney, Chuck Halverson will work hard to defend you through this process.

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As one of the relatively few Brainerd area ciminal defense attornies with experience in the field of Murder and Homicide, it's important that you have these very serious charges handled by someone who has the experience and expertise to represent you. As a certified specialist in Criminal Law, Chuck Halverson has that experience.

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Drug Charges

Drug charges are serious offences and can carry with them imposing fines or prison sentences. As an experienced criminal law expert, Chuck Halverson has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through this trying process and can help ensure optimal results possible under the circumstances.

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Assault/Violent Crimes

Among the most severely prosecuted of all crimes, assault and violent crimes must be taken seriously at all times, as they can result in severe prison sentences. Make sure that you get the best representation possible. As an expert in the field of Criminal Law, Chuck Halverson is an attorney who will help.

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Sex Crimes

Everyone deserves a fair trial. Sex crimes can have consequences that last for your entire life without recourse or appeal. Chuck Halverson has experience defending those accused of sex crimes, and has been able to achieve desireable outcomes for those clients. Having an attorney to defend you against sex crimes charges is necessary for optimal results.

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Traffic Violations

They might seem trivial at first, but traffic violations can have steep fines and impose restrictions on your ability to drive--and therefore work. Having a highly qualified attorney help you through the traffic violations process is one way to help ensure that you get the best results the facts of your case will allow.

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Theft, burglary, fraud, or embezzlement can all have serious consequences. Make sure that you invest in a serious defense. Chuck Halverson has strong experience helping clients face these charges and get the best possible results, given the facts of the case.

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Probation Violations

Certain types of probation violations can have extremely negative consequences for clients. Even if Chuck Halverson did not initially represent you, you can take advantage of his criminal law experience and expertise at any point during the probation process when he becomes your probation violations attorney.

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About Us

Chuck Halverson

With over twenty-five years of experience in the field of criminal law, Chuck Halverson is among the most respected and most experienced criminal defense attorneys in the state of Minnesota--not to mention the great city of Brainerd. If you find yourself in trouble, contact him for frank, honest help.

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Certified Criminal Law Specialist

Chuck Halverson is A Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association. This certification is based on extensive experience and knowledge in the field of criminal law, and it is a disctinction help by only a few criminal law attorneys in the state of Minnesota.

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Chuck Halverson is one of the most experienced Criminal Law attorneys in the state of Minnesota--and certainly in the Brainerd area. He has helped many clients over the years, and continues to be committed to helping his clients receive justice within the state of Minnesota.

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I was in town from out of state for business. I ran into some legal trouble and was referred to Chuck. I could not be happier with my choice to have Chuck represent me. He immediately answered all my questions and help ease my peace of mind. Being 700 miles away Chuck and his staff were always available to me when I had any questions about my case. I would absolutely refer Chuck and his firm to anyone looking for a top notch attorney.

C.W. - Davison, MI

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